Real Estate Legalization - Energy Performance Certificates:


Since the Publication of Law Number 4014/2011 at the Official Government Gazette and especially after the application of Law Number 4178/2013, any transfer of a property or any establishment of a legal right in a property which contains a construction without a building certification (of the appropriate building bureau) or an alteration of space usage, is forbidden.

Any property transfer -even in properties without a building- should be followed by a signed statement of the Owner and a Legality Certification of an appropriate Engineer. This Certification is followed by a Topographic Diagram, according to the greek technical specifications, in the Greek Coordinate System EGSA' 87.

The Engineers of our Office, have conducted a large number of Property Legalizations in the framework of Law Number 4178/2013, both for individuals and for businesses.

Moreover, our office has important experience and is able to provide Energy Performance Certificates for all the necessary categories of real estate.

In particular, we can accomplish the following:


- Topographic Diagrams for all kind of property, according to the specifications of Law Number 4178/2013

- Property "Regulation" or Legalization for all the illegal constructions, in the framework of Law Number 4178/2013

- Legalization Certification, after a thorough visit and survey of the property, for all cases of real estate (either with buildings or unbuilt)

- Energy Performance Certificates (we are Legalized Energy Inspectors with Registry Number:12533)


Please contact us for an offer. We assure you for the following

- Best quality

- Best knowledge of urban planning legislation.

- Fast completion of the process.