TOPO AB: Engineering Consultants


TOPOAB consists of Surveying Engineers of Aristotle University - Thesaloniki, Greece, with Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Hydrology for Environmental Management and Hydraulic Works (Imperial College, London).

We provide high quality Engineering Consulting in the fields of Topographic and Hydraulic Studies.

We are active, mainly in the Greek Region, in the following fields:


Studies for Private Projects:

1. Topographic Plans for Contracts , Building Licences,

2. Topographic Plans for the National Cadastre, objection procedure for changing the geometrical characteristics of the properties

3. Valuation Studies,

4. Stream Delineation - Regulation - Diversion Studies,

5. Complete Procedure for the Determination of the Coastline and the Beach,

6. Complete Procedure for the edition of Characterization Act from the Forest Agency ,

7. Complete procedure for the legalization of real estate without building license - Certifications of Legality

8. Building Certificates - Small Scale Certificates.

9. Energy Performance Certificates.


Studies for Public Works:

1. Topographic Studies (such as for the National Cadastre, Topographic Surveys for Road Construction Plans, Water Supply Networks, Sewage Networks, Inftastructure Works, High Accuracy Surveys, Monuments Surveys, Foundation of New Topographic Networks),

2. Hydraulic Studies (Stream and River Delineation - Regulation - Diversion Studies, Flood Protection Works, Water Supply Networks, Sewer Networks - Waste-water Treatment Systems, Stormwater Networks - Flood Protection Works, Hydrologic Studies, Drainage Design for Road and Railway Construction Projects, Land Reclamation Works - Irrigation Networks, Rehabilitation of uncontrolled waste disposal areas etc. ) ,

3. G.IS. Applications and Studies(G.I.S.).



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