Stream and River delineation - Diversion Studies


The engineers of our Office completed the following Studies :



Studies for private projects:


Studies for Private Projects:

1. Hydraulic Study for the deepening of Krausidon River in Volos City, across the Railway Bridge of Hellenic Railways Organisation

1.Stream delineation Study in Glaronisi Area of Serifos Island,

Official Government Gazette 373 D'/2012

2. Delineation - Regulation Study of Paidoli Stream in Agria, Volos, Official Government Gazette 217 D'/2016

2. Stream delineation Study in Kos Island,

Official Government Gazette 431 D'/2011

3. Delineation Study of Saint John Stream in Kamari Settlement

3. Stream delineation Study in Kripsana Area in Pelion Mountain,

Official Government Gazette 80 D'/2011

4. Delineation - Regulation Study of Velestino Stream

4. Stream delineation Study in Palaiochori Area of Milos Island,

Official Government Gazette 103 D'/2010

5. Flood Protection Study in Green Fox Area of Lavrio Municipality

5. Participation in delineation Study of Gerontas Stream in Milos Island for INTERBETON S.A.,

Official Government Gazette 30 D'/2009

6. Stream Delineation - Regulation Study in Thoriko Area of Lavrio Municipality

6. Stream delineation Study near the North boundary of the Quarries in Salamina Island,

Official Government Gazette 336 A.A.P./2008

7. Participation in Kriari Stream Delineation Study, in Rethimno City, Official Government Gazette 282 D'/2010

7. Bridge Hydraulic Study near Saint Vlasios Settlement in Pelion Mountain, Volos Municipality

8. Participation in the Hydraulic Study and Research for the Dissemination of exceptional Flood Waves due to Dam Break in Arachthos River, Hellenic Public Power Coorporation 8. Temporary Stream delineation Study, in Keramidi Settlement, Rigas Feraios Municipality
9. River Redeliniation Study in a section of Xirias River, near the area of the Municipal Depot, Official Government Gazette 267 D'/2017 9. Temporary Stream delineation Study, in Portaria Settlement

10. Temporary Stream delineation Study, outside of Milina Settlement


11. Temporary Stream delineation Study, outside of Kalamaki Settlement


12. Temporary Stream delineation Study and study for the hydraulic adequacy of an existing bridge in Paou Area.


13. Hydraulic Study for the replacement of a stream branch with the existing sewer network, in Nea Agxialos.